marissa yardley clifford

don't mess with mother // Apple



We launched an Emmy-nominated global campaign celebrating Mother Earth’s “metal” side. We worked with Camp 4 Productions, some of the most passionate and iconic names in wildlife and outdoor photography, to capture nature at her most raw, real, and authentic at a time when she’s constantly under threat from global warming. Billboards with stunning and intimate images of earth, imbued with this “metal” perspective, were spread around the globe, injecting nature into the heart of our concrete jungles.

By pushing the limits of what the iPhone could do—submerging it in waterfalls, burying it under avalanches and galloping horses’ hooves—we proved that the best camera in the world is the one that you have on you. People all over the globe have been invited to reconsider how they see Mother Nature.

The campaign was released on broadcast, YouTube, Instagram, and billboards around the globe. We took a creative approach to a comprehensive set of behind-the-scenes short films and cross-platform content, releasing much of it in vertical.