marissa yardley clifford
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TOcayos // Uber latam 

To accompany Uber's Tocayos campaign,  I ideated activations, UberArte and Making Dreams Go Further, which were designed to reward drivers and reassure riders.

UberArte is a new Uber service integrated into the Uber app. UberArte cars are instantly recognizable as moving canvases, showcasing drivers' personalities. Once inside the UberArte cars, riders unlock destinations curated by their drivers. It's Uber's cultural passport, the AirBnB Experiences of ride-sharing. For travelers, UberArte empowers them to be bold enough to discover something new. And for locals, Uber can empower them to rediscover their city. 

Inspired by Uber's tagline "We go further together," Making Dreams Go Further is a program that pairs drivers with leaders in the industry they aspire to work in. Imagine Angela is a driver whose dream is to open a restaurant. She's matched with celebrity chef Enrique Olvera, who gives her a master class on how to run a kitchen. Drivers get riders to their destination. Riders get drivers to their dream.